A broken tooth, a decayed tooth, or a tooth that’s impacted are examples of common reasons for tooth extraction. Whether due to early decay or an accident, when you need tooth removal, it is important to act quickly to receive it. The longer you wait for teeth extractions, the more likely there will be complications from it. Let us avoid that when you come to Lovett Dental North Heights for the general dentistry care that you need.

Saving Your Tooth May Be an Option

There are some situations where our team may be able to save your natural tooth. For example, if you were in an accident that broke your tooth in two, we may be able to fix this with dental bonding. However, that is not always possible. Whenever it is, our team will do whatever we can to preserve your tooth for you.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

woman about to have a tooth extractionThe key to remember is that if we do not treat a damaged tooth, it can lead to decay, infections, and pain. We may recommend the use of tooth extraction in many situations to avoid this type of outcome. That includes situations such as:

  • Serious overcrowding of the teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • Severe damage from decay
  • Gum disease damage
  • Broken teeth that are unrepairable

In these situations, we will talk to you about your tooth removal options. Otherwise, we may need to schedule these procedures with an oral surgeon.

Simple Tooth Extractions

There are some types of tooth removal that can go very easily. Teeth extractions, for example, in which the tooth is still in mostly a whole situation, can be removed this way. If you have a fully exposed tooth and easy to access, we can use this method as well. Local anesthesia is usually used, and these can be done right away in most cases.

Tooth Extractions That Are Complex

Teeth extractions are not always this simple, though. In some situations, the tooth is broken into many pieces. Other times, the tooth is partially covered by the gums or otherwise inaccessible to us. In these cases, we schedule a consultation with you, set up a time for oral surgery, and then have the oral surgeon handle the process. This type of treatment is done under general anesthesia to ensure you are not in pain.

Worried About Your Tooth Removal?

It is common to be afraid of tooth extractions. It is a serious treatment, and it seems like it could be very painful. Yet, it does not have to be. We use various solutions to help you reduce your risks and ensure you are pain-free throughout the process. If you have dental anxiety or are very nervous about the process, please let us know. We can offer sedation dentistry in these situations to alleviate your needs.

Keep Our Team Working to Improve Your Smile

When you come in for tooth extraction, make sure you stay with our professionals for all of your oral health needs beyond that. We may even make recommendations for you to replace your teeth extractions with new options. Every situation is different, but we may recommend options such as the following to restore your smile for good:

Choose to Improve Your Oral Health at Lovett Dental North Heights

If you know you need a tooth extraction or are just ready to stop the pain you feel, give our team a call. Our tooth removal services are available in emergencies and as planned services. Tooth extractions do not have to limit your quality of life anymore. Contact Lovett Dental North Heights at 832-617-5531 to learn how we can help you.