At Lovett Dental North Heights, our top priority is the oral health of those who come to see us. We provide a wide range of general services, including preventative dental cleanings. At the same time, we have worked hard to expand the array of services that we provide. Our oral health professionals are also capable of providing root canal treatment as well. If you have been told that you need a root canal in the local area, you will probably have some questions. Let our team answer them for you.

An Overview of a Root Canal

dentist performing root canal treatmentThe entire goal of a root canal is to save the structure of your natural tooth. If there is an oral decay present, fillings are often enough to correct them. Unfortunately, if tooth decay is allowed to run rampant, this may infect the underlying structure of a tooth. If the pulp of your tooth has become infected or inflamed, then a dentist might recommend a root canal to you. The goal is to remove the infected pulp and preserve the tooth’s inside by cleaning and disinfecting it. Then, we will fill the interior structure of your tooth and seal it to prevent further damage.

The good news is that most teeth treated using a root canal do not require any further intervention. Therefore, the sooner we act, the better the outcome. Some of the signs that you may require a root canal include:

  • You are noticing that your gums are turning dark.
  • Your gums appear to be swollen and tender.
  • You are noticing pimples that are present on your gum line.
  • You experience hypersensitivity while eating or drinking cold substances.

If this sounds like you, let our dentists guide the way.

The Process of a Root Canal

A root canal is a relatively quick procedure. At the same time, one of the main concerns that our patients have is whether root canal treatment will be painful. During the procedure, we treat you with local anesthesia. This means that you are not going to feel any pain; however, there is a chance that you may feel some pressure.

After the procedure, it is not unusual for you to remain numb for a few hours. After this, your mouth might be a bit sore. During this time, we are available to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Furthermore, if there is an emergency, we also provide emergency services.

After the Procedure Is Finished

The vast majority of patients who undergo a root canal can return to work or school the same day. Your mouth is probably going to feel numb for about 4 hours. Therefore, you should avoid eating or drinking anything during this time, as you may hurt the inside of your mouth.

Also, the dentist may recommend that you avoid using a straw for a few days. You may loosen the blood clot, leading to bleeding. Finally, if we recommend follow-up visits, please keep them, as we want to keep an eye on you during the recovery process.

Trust the Team from Lovett Dental North Heights for Root Canal Treatment

If you think you might need a root canal, then the team from Lovett Dental North Heights is here to help you. We have a tremendous amount of experience with this procedure, which means that we are in a good position to care for you. Our top priority is the oral health of our patients. If you would like to schedule an appointment with an oral health professional from our team, please call us today at 832-617-5531. We would be happy to take care of you.