Did you just crack a tooth? Do you have so much dental pain that you don’t know how you are going to get through the day? Don’t wait. Call an emergency dentist right away. If you an emergency dentist in the North Heights area of Houston, TX, our team at Lovett Dental North Heights is available to help you. We offer emergency services during regular office hours. While our general dental services help you to maintain your oral health, our emergency services help address the issues you sometimes can’t avoid.

When Should You Seek Out Emergency Dental Services?

a woman visits the emergency dentistIf you have a significant amount of bleeding, don’t wait to get help. Visit a local emergency room for immediate support. We can help you after the bleeding stops. This is especially the case if you have head trauma that leads to your dental emergency. Always call 911 for any type of life-threatening situation or injury.

There are numerous reasons to call on our emergency dental services. We encourage you to call our team if you need help with:

  • Toothaches
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Problems with your dental braces
  • Tongue or lip bites that are significant
  • Swelling or an abscess in your mouth, lips, or cheek
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • The burned roof of the mouth

Our emergency dentist can provide fast, reliable service to you in these situations. The sooner you come in for care, the more options we can provide to reduce your pain and fix the problem. Our dental offices in Houston, TX can schedule fast appointments for most needs.

Did You Lose a Tooth?

One of the most common times to come in to see an emergency dentist is when you have lost your tooth. This could be the entire tooth falling out or chipped. When possible, hold onto those pieces or the tooth itself. If you can position the tooth back into the opening, that’s the best situation. If you cannot do this, place it in milk and bring it in to us.

Our team will work to restore the tooth whenever possible. The more preservation there is to the root of the tooth, the better the outcome. Also, note that chipped pieces may be able to be put back in place using dental bonding. This can create a like-new look to your tooth.

Pediatric Care Is Available from Our Emergency Dentist

When your child’s tooth hurts, or you cannot figure out what’s wrong, it’s best to bring him or her in for an appointment with our pediatric dentist. We can provide emergency dental services for children for most needs. Smaller children may not be able to communicate what’s wrong. If they are touching their mouth or teeth, that’s a good indication it is a dental problem. Let our team take a closer look.

A Fast Repair Is Our Primary Goal

Whenever possible, we want to resolve your pain during emergency dental services. Then, we’ll work to restore your oral health and wellness. Whenever possible, our goal is to fix the problem with one appointment. Yet, many people need more advanced care. Once we work with you to resolve the existing problem, we may recommend that you come back to determine the underlying cause. This may be tooth decay and more visits to your North Heights Dentist.

Follow Up Care After Emergency Dental Services Is Important

When it comes to dental care for emergencies, make sure you come back to see our team for addiction dental care. We offer a range of services that can help you, including:

Take Care of Your Teeth with Lovett Dental North Heights

Emergency dental services are available to you at Lovett Dental North Heights. If you need fast, reliable help from an experienced emergency dentist, give us a call. Our dental office in North Heights, TX, can help with most needs right away. Contact us at 832-617-5531 to learn more.