When you bite into something cold or take a sip of a hot liquid, you may feel an electrical shock that goes through your mouth. This is probably a sign that it is time for your next dental exam. You need to make sure that you prevent oral health issues from developing. Otherwise, this can lead to serious dietary issues. You would probably rather prevent these issues from taking place than fix them once they are already causing problems. That is why a regular dental exam is important. At Lovett Dental North Heights, we are here to help you with your preventative dental care needs in Texas.

How Do I Find the Right Dentist?

man going for a dental examIf it is time for another dental exam, then you need to make sure that you find the right dentist. Once you locate the right dentist, is important to keep going back to him or her for continuity purposes. At Lovett Dental North Heights, we can help you find the right dentist to meet your needs. 

We have access to a team of highly trained professionals. This includes everyone from our dental hygienists all the way up to our dentists. That way, when it is time for your next dental examination, you can rest easy, knowing that you are in good hands when approaching the following dental services:

What Happens During a Routine Dental Examination?

When it is time for your next dental examination, there are several tasks that are going to be completed. These include: 

  • Your teeth are going to be cleaned thoroughly. This will start with you brushing your teeth. After this, a dental hygienist will help you floss your teeth. He or she may also apply fluoride to the surfaces of your teeth, which is important for protecting your oral health. 
  • Next, we may take an X-Ray of your mouth. We are going to check your dental records to see when your last X-Ray was performed. If it has been a while, we will take another image to update your medical records. 
  • After this, we are going to make sure that all of the plaque and tartar are removed from the surface of your teeth. Even though you brush and floss on a regular basis, this is not enough to prevent plaque and tartar. 
  • Lastly, the dentist will also take a look at the surfaces of your teeth. If there are any issues, we will let you know. This could include gingivitis, cavities, or something else. 

Count on us to keep you comfortable as we clean your teeth. 

Why Do I Need a Visit Every Six Months?

If you believe that your teeth are healthy and you do not need to visit your Houston dentist on a regular basis, you are not the only person thinking this way. Remember that the goal of a routine dental examination is to identify potentially serious oral health problems before they lead to major issues.

In addition, this also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions. We know that you want to take care of your teeth well into your later years. We are here to help you do that. Count on the Lovett Dental North Heights team to help you take care of your oral health. 

Schedule a Dental Exam in Houston with Lovett Dental North Heights

When it’s time for your next dental exam, we are here to help you. At Lovett Dental North Heights in HTX, our goal is to customize our treatment plans to meet your needs. We will work with you individually, making sure that all of you are oral health and needs are appropriately addressed. To schedule an appointment with a dentist from our office, please contact us today at 832-617-5531. We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your dental health.